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Paradise at Your Fingertips Book Review!!

Paradise at Your Fingertips Book Review

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Rating: 4.5/5

Book Overview:

Jeanette and Maria Vandermeer were born fraternal twins. Even though they have the same birthday, they don’t have anything else in common. They are night and day different, inside and out-most notably in that Jeanette is always happy, while Maria never seems to be. Growing up together, they learned many of the same lessons; even so, the way they look at the world is very different.

Paradise at Your Fingertips

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As an adult, Maria is kicked out of the family home for unruly behavior, and Jeanette moves away to marry her boyfriend. Despite their differences, they both find themselves settling for less than they’re worth-in life and in
love. Cheerful Jeanette finds that her sunny disposition is not enough to keep her marriage together, while Maria wanders in her own self-doubt and despair.

But where there’s life, there’s hope. Jeanette is given a second chance to find true love, while Maria makes the acquaintance of Leon Lanix, who offered her hope for her future. Despite challenges, the sisters do find ways to make life work. Different by birth, they do have something in common: Jeanette and Maria both know that no matter what happens, it’s how we react that makes us who we really are. Sisters, one happy, one sad, each seeks her own place in paradise; they may be surprised where they find it.


About the Author:

Joni Wood lives in London, Ontario, with her family. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, where she earned a BA in social studies. This is her first book.

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